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36 years in Business

March 22, 2024

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed 36 years in business. We are constantly improving and expect 2024 to be our best year ever. We thank our staff, agents, and valuable clients for our success.

New Security Deposit Law – California

February 7, 2024

Governor Newson recently signed into law- AB12 that limits security deposits to one month of rent for buildings of 5 units or more. The law becomes effective June 1, 2024. Prior to the new law, owners could collect security deposits of two months rent for unfurnished units in buildings of all sizes. The effect of the law is to make larger buildings more attractive to tenants and smaller buildings, including rental homes, less attractive. It also shifts risk from tenants to landlords.

HOA Management Services

January 29, 2024 has a sister company that provides management services for homeowner associations located anywhere in California. See: and for information.

Pasadena Based Agent Needed

January 27, 2024

Our firm is in need of a licensed agent in Pasadena or nearby to represent us in that area. See: Reasons to Join

Small Real Estate Brokerage Firm Wanted

January 25, 2024 wants to acquire a small real estate brokerage company in Los Angeles County or Ventura County. A company with 5 to 20 agents is ideal. For a confidential discussion, please contact Michael Chulak.

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Agent Needed

January 24, 2024 is in need of an experienced real estate agent who speaks Mandarin Chinese. See: Reasons to Join and Frequently Asked Questions-Real Estate.

Estate Sales and Auctions

January 16, 2024

An estate sale is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the personal property owned by a person who is recently deceased. Estate sales should be held by companies that specialize in such sales and who are both bonded and insured. See: Estate Sales and Auctions for details.

Real Estate Agents – Questions About CC&Rs

December 1, 2023

From time to time real estate agents who are representing a buyer will call the management company to inquire about something that requires an interpretation of the CC&Rs. When this takes place, the appropriate thing for the management company to do is to advise the caller that he or she needs to read the CC&Rs himself or herself and to obtain a legal opinion if necessary. It is not the roll of the management company to provide legal opinions to real estate agents. It is also not the roll of the management company to provide answers to simple questions that can be answered by reading the CC&Rs. Agents and buyers need to read the CC&Rs themselves.

Rejection of Home Loan Applications

May 1, 2023

With interest rates rising and home values declining, an increased percentage of home loan applications are being declined. If you are considering a real estate acquisition or refinance, see: Why Do Mortgage Lenders Reject Home Loan Applications?

Attention: Rental Property Owners

April 10, 2023

Rental homeowners may be able to save thousands of tax dollars while increasing their cash flow with Cost Segregation Analysis.