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Rents are Rising – Become a First Time Buyer

June 20, 2022

If you are currently renting your residence, or seeking to buy a home, you are aware that rents in Southern California are high and have been increasing dramatically since early 2020. Today, down payment requirements are low, interest rates are still reasonably low, and qualifying for a real estate loan is relatively easy. See: First Time Buyers – Rent or Buy Analysis and Email Listing Alerts for additional information about buying a home.

Management of Homeowner Associations

June 13, 2022

Our affiliate provides first-class management services for homeowner associations located anywhere in California. For information visit:

Developers – We Want to Sell Your Homes

April 18, 2022 sold out its first new home development of 181 houses in 1990-1991 and would like to represent you in selling the homes you build and offer for sale in Southern California. See: New Home Sales Division.

Purchase Newly Constructed Homes in Southern California

April 14, 2022

If you are in the market to purchase a newly constructed home from a developer anywhere in Southern California, we can help you save money while protecting your interests. See: Buying a Newly Constructed Home from a Developer.

Registered Sex Offenders

April 11, 2022

Homeowners who want information about registered sex offenders in California can find information by visiting Searches can be made by location or by name. In most areas, the number of offenders within a five-mile radius is substantial.

Probate Real Estate Sales

March 25, 2022 can assist personal representatives of estates sell probate properties located anywhere in California. See: Probate Real Estate Sales for information about our unique qualifications, frequently asked questions and answers, and a glossary of probate terms.

Rental Home Management – $150 Per Month

March 25, 2022

Our property management and leasing division manages rental homes for a fixed fee of $150 per month. Never pay more. Start saving money now.

Reasons to Run from a Property Manager

March 20, 2022

There are several reasons to avoid certain managers of rental homes. Save yourself money and the unpleasantness of selecting the wrong management company. See: Seven Reasons to Run From a Property Manager.

Divorce Real Estate Sales

March 18, 2022

Real estate brokers and agents that sell houses for divorcing owners require special skills and must adhere to a strict code of ethics. We understand that neutrality is essential. See: Divorce Real Estate Sales.

Reasons Real Estate Agents Choose

March 15, 2022

There are more than 20 reasons why real estate agents should consider joining our full-service real estate firm. See: Reasons to Join