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shutterstock_75404266 provides buyers and sellers of land a degree of expertise unmatched in the real estate industry. We are experts in determining the best use of various types of land and will sometimes joint venture the acquisition of land with clients seeking this option.


Our firm has an extensive database which includes buyers, sellers, land developers, home builders, land bankers, investors, and other land brokers.


If you have a need to sell land anywhere in California or want to make an investment in land please contact us and visit: California Land Brokers and Consultants.


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One Section of land contains one square mile or 640 acres.


Section = 1 Mile by 1 Mile1 Mile = 5,280 Linear Feet
Section = 640 Acres1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet
Township = 36 Sections1 Acre is approximately 208.75 Feet Square


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