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    is a small, independent company that is dedicated to being the finest real estate services firm in Southern California. Our agents are provided the support of an owner who became a licensed real estate broker in 1971 and a real estate and homeowner association attorney in 1998. We provide comprehensive, continuing education and marketing support that enables hard working full-time and part-time agents to achieve their goals. Our goal is to make good agents great agents. Agents can earn money by selling homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, and land. Agents can also earn money by managing properties and by referring clients to our business brokerage affiliate. We help you build your business so you can become financially independent.



Unlike some other real estate brokerage companies, offers to hold open houses for our listing clients as well as for other real estate brokerage companies. We do this first for the benefit of our clients who have listed their homes for sale with us, but also to meet prospective buyers who are looking for a home other than the one being held open. Agents that hold open houses, represent more buyers and sellers than agents who don't hold open houses. sends targeted mailings to estate planning attorneys who handle probate sales and family law attorneys who are involved in helping divorcing couples sell their property.

Leads generated from these sources are referred to the agents of our firm who are consistently working a geographic farm area and are actively engaged in our marketing program.

Ask about referrals from our Monthly Mailing Program, Broker to Broker Referrals, Southern California Referral Agents, our affiliates, our Yard and Estate Sales program, and our Subsidized Mailing Program.

Unlike some of our competitors, our company earns its money by helping our agents sell, manage and lease real estate. We do not make our money by charging our agents desk fees, franchise fees, education fees, exorbitant E & 0 insurance fees, or other fees. Compare and prosper with See: Real Estate Brokerage or Ponzi Scheme?

If you join, one thing is absolutely certain. You will always be treated as a valuable member our team.


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