Frequently Asked Questions

Serving Southern California Since 1987


Q. How long has been in business?

A. The firm started doing business in 1987, but the broker for the firm, Michael Chulak,

has been licensed as a real estate broker since 1971.


Q. Is it possible for me to earn commissions by simply referring potential buyers

and sellers to a full time, experienced real estate agent?

A. Yes. By becoming a referral agent, you can avoid joining the Board of Realtors and

Multiple Listing Service while earning commissions. Referral real estate agents can

earn thousands of dollars consistently each year without showing homes or selling.

Call Michael Chulak for details.


Q. Do you do more than sell homes?

A. Yes. We are involved in property management, commercial leasing and sales,

apartment building sales, and land sales. Our affiliate, Pacific Business Advisors

represents people wanting to sell or buy a business.


Q. Does use an in-house accounting staff to prepare monthly

financial reports for its property management clients, or an outside accounting


A. Our firm has a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), but uses an outside firm to perform

bookkeeping services for property management clients. The outside company reports to

our CFO.


Q. Does a large number of agents with a real estate brokerage firm increase the

probability that a property listed with the firm will sell fast and at a higher


A. No. The size of a real estate brokerage firm does not matter because the

overwhelming majority of real estate sales are the result of agents using the

Multiple Listing Service. The MLS has thousands of member agents.


The Multiple Listing service, or MLS, is a marketing database established by its

member real estate brokers who cooperate with each other by providing accurate

data about properties each broker has for sale or lease.


Nearly all real estate brokers are members of the MLS. This includes the large

franchise brokers as well as small as independent brokers. The MLS has the effect

of making every brokerage firm equal in that every property listed for sale can be

sold by any real agent employed by any member broker. It is usual for a listed

property to be sold by a firm other than the listing firm.


The concept of the MLS is that each brokerage firm working through its real estate

agents will attempt to sell any of the properties listed because commissions are split

between the listing firm and the selling firm with each firm compensating its own



The MLS, with its large inventory of listed properties, is designed to provide every

real estate agent access to the total inventory of available properties. Most

importantly, the shared system of property listings gives every property equal

exposure to the market. This arrangement is in the best interest of sellers, buyers,

brokers, and real estate agents.


When it comes to selling or buying real estate, the size of the firm is of little

importance. It is the performance of the individual agent that matters. His or her

dedication, knowledge, and experience is what really counts.


Q. has an excellent website and reputation, but I noticed that

you are not listed as a "Top Realtor" on any of the websites that recommend

"Top Agents" in Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village and other nearby

communities. Can you explain why you are not listed as a top real estate

agent or broker on any of these websites?

A. Yes. The websites are advertising websites where real estate brokers and agents

pay to be listed as a 'top agent'", "best agent", or "top rated agent". When you

receive a referral from one of these of these websites, what you are getting is a real estate

agent that was willing to pay for advertising on that site. There is of course, nothing

wrong with advertising. Nearly every real estate brokerage firm and agent advertises

in one form or another. Some use these paid referral sites, and others like Pacific-, use other means such as our own websites, our signs which can be

seen throughout Southern California, and direct mail marketing.


Q. Are real estate brokerage commissions set by law in California? It seems that

every firm is charging 6% to sell a home and 10% to sell land.

A. A Broker commissions are not set by law. Every real estate brokerage firm

establishes what it will charge to market and sell a given property. Commissions

and levels of service vary from firm to firm.


Q. Does recommend that buyers of real estate utilize the

services of a mortgage broker, a commercial bank, or a credit union?

A. While mortgage brokers have differing levels of knowledge and experience, and

some have better reputations for performance, a good mortgage broker can nearly

always outperform a commercial bank or credit union when it comes to originating

real estate loans. The reason is simple. Mortgage brokers develop multiple sources

of mortgage loans, provided by wholesale lenders, allowing them to shop for their

clients in order to obtain the best loans available.


Q. We own a condominium that we really cannot afford, but don't want to move.

Is it possible for you to find an investor who would buy a partial interest in

our property so that we are able to lower our monthly housing expense?

A. Yes. Call Michael Chulak to discuss the various options that are available.


Q. Does your firm ever joint venture the purchase of investment properties with


A. Yes. We will consider the joint venture of homes, rental homes, apartments,

commercial properties, and land. Call Michael Chulak to discuss a potential joint

purchase of any type of real estate.


Q. When lists a house for sale, do you hold open houses?

A. We strongly believe that holding open houses helps to sell houses and have sold

many properties due to the fact that we hold open houses. As long as we have the

consent of the seller, we will hold open houses until the property is sold. Open

houses work because many buyers understand that there is no substitute for seeing

properties in person. While photographs and videos have their place, open houses

have proven to result in sales.


Q. Can a non-citizen own real estate in the United States?

A. Absolutely. Whether you are a citizen or a non-citizen, we would be pleased to help

you purchase a home, land, or any other real estate.


Q. When I sell my house, I intend to move out of California and retire. Can you

refer me to a reliable, knowledgeable real estate agent?

A. Almost always.


Q. I would like to start a career in real estate. Do you have any suggestions?

A. You have already made a good start by visiting our website. You will need to

take certain required courses which you can take through First Tuesday. They are

an excellent company and you can contact them through our site. They will give you

a discounted price when you contact them through They also

offer an excellent, prelicensing exam crash course which we highly recommend.

Our firm also offers a real estate licensing crash course which is absolutely free.

Information is on this site.


After you pass the state exam, we would like to meet with you in person if you are in

Southern California or via Zoom if you are not local. After learning more about you

and your career goals, we will assign a mentor to you and will provide you with

excellent training. Of course, you many contact us at any stage or at any time. Please

ask for Michael Chulak.


Q. If I obtain a real estate license and join your firm, will I be assigned someone

to assist me through my first few sales transactions?

A. Absolutely. All new real estate agents are assigned a mentor and receive extensive

training both in the office and in the field. A knowledgeable experienced, financially

successful senior agent will be available 24 / 7 to help you and will be available to

meet with prospective clients as needed.


Q. Is it possible to be successful selling real estate part-time?

A. Yes, assuming you have no other employment, or your other employment is

compatible with selling real estate. If your other employment allows for flexibility in

your time requirements, there should be no problem. If your other employment is

rigid in its time requirements, it will not be compatible with serving as a real estate

agent which often requires you to be available on short notice. It is for this reason,

that many successful part-time real estate agents choose to manage rental homes

part-time. We encourage this at Pacific-Realtors. net and help agents develop

rental home management business.


Q. Is your company familiar with the sale of stock cooperatives?

A. Yes. We have represented many buyers and sellers of coops in Southern



Q. I would like to join your real estate company but I live very far from your

corporate office in Agoura Hills. Can I work from my home in Northern

California if I join

A. Yes. It is not necessary to work from Agoura Hills. Today, most real estate

agents do most of their work from their home.


Q. I am a very successful real estate agent with a dedicated team located

within ten miles of Agoura Hills. Will you consider opening a office for my team?

A. Yes, assuming you have a proven record of success over a period of at least

two years.


Q. Does the opportunity exist within your firm for a successful Realtor to

become a part owner of the company?

A. Yes.


Q. Is interested in acquiring small independent real

estate brokerage firms in Southern California?

A. Yes. Please call to discuss.


Q. We own some desert land that is located in an extremely remote area. It does

not have water or utilities, and is not located on an improved road. We have

tried to sell it without success. Can you help us sell it?

A. Yes. If you are wiling to carry financing, we have buyers who are long term land

bankers who are in the market for inexpensive rural land including desert property.


Q. If I sell my desert land with 10% to 15% down, carry back financing to make

the sale, and then pay a commission and closing costs, I will end up with little

cash. If I list my desert property with your firm, are you willing to take all or

some of your commission as a note secured by deed of trust?

A. Generally, yes. If we recommend that the seller carry back financing, we are almost

always willing to convert all or some or all of our commission into financing.