Yard and Estate Sales

Many homeowners hold yard or estate sales in anticipation of selling their property. Many others hold yard or estate sales without any intention of selling their property. Pacific-Realtors. net assists homeowners who want to hold such sales. Upon request, we will provide homeowners with up to five highly visible directional signs that can be placed in strategic locations on the morning of the sale. They are designed to attract attention and maximize traffic to your sale location.

If you are located anywhere in our marketing area and would like up to five-yard sale directional signs, please call our office or any of our agents. We will make the signs available to you the day before or on the morning of the sale.


Garage and Estate Sales - Checklist and Timeline


One month before the sale

  • Decide on a date. Saturday morning is always the time when the maximum number of people are available. Avoid holiday weekends.
  • Check to see if your city or homeowner association has any restrictions you must follow. Many homeowner associations prohibit yard sales except for one or two days each year.



Two weeks before the sale

  • Decide what you want to sell and establish prices. Obtain price tags and labels.
  • Create an inventory list with prices.
  • Arrange to have any display tables, bookshelves, clothing racks, hangers, boxes, etc. available for the day of the sale.
  • Prepare any display signs you will need.
  • Contact Pacific-Realtors.net to reserve your free directional signs. They can be picked up the afternoon before the sale and returned after the sale.
  • Enlist any help you may need.



One week before the sale

  • Start advertising using Nextdoor.com, Craigslist, social media, and by distributing flyers. Be certain to include the date, time, and location.
  • Make sure you have low denomination currency so charge can be provided.
  • Make sure you have bags for small items.
  • Make certain everything is clean and make any small repairs you can make.



Morning of the sale

  • Pick up the directional signs and place them. Ask for permission to place on private property.
  • Group items where possible such as books and clothing.
  • Place the largest items near the street and the small items in the back.
  • Make certain that all items have price tags.
  • Arrange all sale items on the driveway.


After the sale

  • Return the directional signs to Pacific-Realtors.net.
  • Arrange to donate unsold items to your favorite charity.