Turnoffs for Home Buyers

Numerous studies have been made to determine what turns buyers off when shopping for a home. Following is a summary of the 21 most common reasons:

  1. The asking price is too far above the last comparable home sales. This discourages offers.
  2. The house is dark making it uninviting.
  3. The seller will not permit a key safe or lockbox on the property, making it difficult or inconvenient for agents to show the property to their clients.
  4. Potential buyers feel uncomfortable exploring the property because the owners and/or their pets are present.
  5. The house smells like tobacco smoke.
  6. The house is located on a very busy street or backs up to a very busy street.
  7. The house is close to open space that is a fire hazard.
  8. The entry door is in poor condition, creating a poor early impression.
  9. Significant improvements were made to the property without building permits.
  10. The heating and air conditioning system is not functioning, leaving the impression that a costly repair is ahead.
  11. Stains on the ceiling, or around windows, call into question the condition of the roof and/or windows.
  12. There is visible evidence of termite damage.
  13. Pet odors are evident.
  14. There are stucco cracks that suggest a foundation or soils compaction problem.
  15. Non-traditional paint colors have been used.
  16. Old wallpaper is in need of removal.
  17. The kitchen appliances are old and in poor condition.
  18. “Popcorn ceilings” from the 1960s and 1970s, likely containing asbestos, have not been replaced.
  19. Old, worn wall to wall carpeting is in need of replacement.
  20. The house is over-loaded with furniture storage, and other items, making the house look smaller than its actual size.
  21. The pool needs to be re-plastered.


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