Sell Your Residential Real Estate Brokerage Company in California represents people throughout California who want to sell a business or buy a business. I started the firm in 1987 and became licensed to sell and buy businesses in 1971. I become an attorney in 1998. We have clients who are interested in acquiring residential real estate brokerage firms primarily, but not exclusively, in Southern California. Independent real estate firms are preferred. The question that always arises is how much is a particular residential estate brokerage company worth. It’s always difficult for buyers, sellers, and intermediaries like to determine value, but these are the factors to be considered when valuing a real estate brokerages firm:

  1. The number of agents, how long they have been with the company, and the number and volume of sales each has closed in the last 12 months;
  2. The amount of the listing inventory in both number of listings and dollar volume;
  3. The number of pending transactions;
  4. The company’s market share within its primary marketing area;
  5. The number of years in business and the company’s reputation;
  6. The location of the office. This may be a positive or negative factor;
  7. Any lease terms. This may be a positive or a negative;
  8. The name of the company. A generic name is best because it can transferred to new owners more easily than a person’s name;
  9. Whether the owner- broker will stay with the new operation for a period of time. Six months or more is ideal;
  10. Any physical assets such as computers; and
  11. Most importantly, the terms of the sale.

If you own a real estate brokerage company in California and would like to sell it, please call me for a confidential discussion. Likewise, if you would like to acquire a real estate brokerage company anywhere in California, please call me, Michael Chulak at 818-991-5200 or contact me by email.