Santa Rosa Valley, California


The Santa Rosa Valley is an affluent, unincorporated rural community, located north and west of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County and the Conejo Valley. The city of Moorpark is located to the north and Camarillo to the west. Many of the homes are located on land parcels of 5 acres or more and are zoned for horses.


Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council

The Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council (SRVMAC) is a group of five individuals elected by the registered voters in the Santa Rosa Valley, in Ventura County, to represent the concerns and views of property owners within the area. All property owners are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the organization.


Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc.

Santa Rosa Valley Trails is a non-profit corporation, established in 2004, and headquartered in the Santa Rosa Valley in Ventura County north of Thousand Oaks. Its purpose is to plan, create, and maintain multi-use non-motorized trails for public use in the Santa Rosa Valley and surrounding areas and to provide connections to other trails and recreational facilities. The organization works closely with the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) located in Conejo Valley.


Santa Rosa Valley Equestrian Park

Santa Rosa Valley Equestrian Park is located in unincorporated Ventura County on Hill Canyon Road, south of where it intersects with Santa Rosa Road. There are several arenas at the 50 acre park, lots of open space, restrooms, and picnic areas.


Arroyo Conejo - Ventura County

The Arroyo Conejo, also known as Rabbit Creek, is the primary drainage for Thousand Oaks in the Conejo Valley. The creek originates in the Conejo Valley in Newbury Park and then flows through Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and the Santa Rosa Valley where it merges with the Arroyo Santa Rosa which flows into Coneio Creek. Conejo Creek flows into Mugu Lagoon, in Ventura County, at the far north end of Santa Monica Mountains.


Santa Rosa Valley Pony Club

The Santa Rosa Valley Pony Club (SRVPC) is part of a national and international educational and riding program for members ages 6 through 21. Members must be able to lease or own their own horse or pony and can compete in local and national competitions.


Mount Clef

Mount Clef is a small mountain or hill reaching 925 feet. It is part of the Mountclef Ridge that separates Thousand Oaks from the Santa Rosa Valley. California Lutheran University is located just south of Mount Clef. The neighborhood just to the east of Cal Lutheran is known as Mountclef Village.


Norwegian Grade

The Norwegian Grade in Ventura County, is a two mile section of Moorpark Road between the Santa Rosa Valley and Thousand Oaks. Until the Route 23 Freeway was constructed, it was the most direct route between Thousand Oaks and Moorpark. The road was carved out of a steep canyon hillside by members of the Norwegian Colony between 1900 and 1911. All work was done by hand since the farmers did not have earth moving equipment.


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