Prepare Your House for a Photo Shoot

The goal is to prepare your house as you would for an open house. Following are some items that may not be obvious to every owner:



☐ No visible trash cans

☐ No visible garden hoses

☐ No cars on the driveway or in front of the house

☐ No political signs

☐ No holiday decorations

☐ Organize any pool and patio furniture

☐ Open any patio umbrellas

☐ Rake and dispose of leaves

☐ Clean the pool and spa



☐ No pet dishes

☐ Minimize items on the counters

☐ No dish drying rack or dish towels

☐ No dish soap or sponges on the counter

☐ Nothing on top of the refrigerator

☐ No magnets on the refrigerator

☐ No visible garbage cans

☐ Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table



☐ Toilet seats down

☐ No clothing on hooks

☐ Minimize items on counters

☐ No toothbrushes, razors, etc.

☐ Hang clean fresh towels

☐ Remove all items from showers and bathtub areas

☐ No visible trash containers


Dining Room

☐ Place a vase of flowers on the dining-room table

☐ Set table with your best dishes, etc

☐ Add centerpiece candles



☐ All lights on including lamps

☐ All window coverings open

☐ No pet dishes, beds, or toys

☐ Put any children's toys away

☐ Remove any personal photos

☐ Hide any shoes or personal clothing

☐ Clean all windows and mirrors