Land Ownership in China

Tens of thousands of people from the Peoples Republic of China are buying real estate of all types in the United States for many reasons. People from China are buying homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, industrial buildings, motels, hotels, and land.

One of the primary reasons is that citizens of the Peoples Republic of China may not own land. While, a citizen can own their home or other buildings, they cannot own the land beneath their building. The government owns all of the land in the Peoples Republic of China and lease it to building owners for 70 years. Most of the time, the leases can be renewed for a fee, but the renewal is not guaranteed, and the amount of the renewal fee can very based on political considerations.

Land ownership Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is permitted, with property laws being similar to those in the United States. People can own land subject to paying real estate taxes, but the taxes are levied by a government that is elected by the people.


Land Investing for Non-Citizens