Five Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Broker

  1. Captive agents are committed to one insurance company such State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance or Allstate Insurance, and are limited to selling their company’s insurance products. Captive agents put their company ahead of the insured when they don't shop around for the best value Independent broker-agents are able to offer their clients multiple sources of insurance protection which allows them to find the best protection at the most price. In short, independent brokers put their clients first.
  2. Independent brokers will shop for you so you don't have to spend your time obtaining proposals. Captive agents will not obtain competitive proposals for you. They give you one choice – their company.
  3. Independent insurance brokers provide claims services. Unlike most captive agents, your independent insurance broker will assist you in completing any claims forms and will advocate for you instead of the insurance company.
  4. Independent brokers provide their clients with annual reviews to make certain their clients are always receiving the best value for their money. The insurance market changes from time, to time making the annual review process a valuable service.
  5. There is no extra cost for the services provided. Independent insurance brokers are paid by each insurance company. Clients pay the same price for a policy regardless of whether they are represented by an independent broker or buy directly from the company.